Our Philosophy

Martin & Zitta prides itself on its innovative and creative vision, continually looking into the future with strategic ideas that not only benefit the talent but also the industry.

Our Mission

Martin & Zitta goal is to mobilize our experienced and highly creative workforce in spotlighting opportunities for Brands, models and influencers that share our passion for the industry

Our Expertise

Martin & Zitta Management works with Brands and influencers with a defined long-term strategy. We take high priority in creating a professional, loyal and personal relationship with both models and industry contacts. We work closely with our clients to create and support successful careers in the constant pursuit of excellence and success.

Sara Cornforth

Corporate Relations

Pablo Boragno

Sales Manager


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The integrated services and complete management package that we offer is firmly rooted in the knowledge and experience of the management team, who have a solid background in the Commercial,Cinema, Fashion and Management industries.